My Child Isn't Walking Yet!

Oh yes, every parent's first worry. Will my child walk 'on time'? Oh with what pride we announce to the world that first step, especially if it is 'early'. The national average for learning to walk is age one, give or take four months. So anywhere between 8 months and 16 months is normal.

But we stress. Will our little child be an early walker? Do we want that? Did we finish child-proofing the house?

Do early walkers also do other things early and is this a sign of high intelligence? Although not usually spoken, it is often thought. Have you overheard the subtle boasting wars of new parents as they compare ages at which the first step was taken? It is best to stay out of those, in my opinion.

Were you an 'early' walker? Did your parents face the same pressure I hear at the playgrounds around my town? Please leave a comment here at Mommy's Joy and tell us about it.

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