Potty Training Discussions

I never did potty training per se. I asked my pediatrician how to do it, and she said don't bother, that children cannot really be trained unless they are ready anyway, so why put them and YOU through all that stress? That was a shock to me. And it was definitely going against pervading practices all around me. My parents did it, so I thought I should also.

Sure enough, as predicted by my pediatrician, my children grew accustomed to using the toilet and learned to pay attention to their bodies and knew when it was time to use the toilet.

I listened with a glazed-over look in my eyes as parents at the playgrounds talked about the trials and tribulations of getting their children to use a toilet by a certain age. I began to realize that their children needed to be out of diapers by a certain age, or they would no longer be able to use the daycare centers they had so carefully chosen.

That information shed new light on the parents' urgency in this matter, and I learned to keep my opinions on the matter to myself. If anyone asked me how I did it, I would just explain that I followed my pediatrician's advice and that it worked. This was usuallly not very helpful to them, as I had no daycare I was trying to please, but at least I was polite about it and did not preach to them that they were doing something wrong.

How about you? Are you on a schedule for potty training? Or are you able to be more relaxed about the matter? I grew weary of the potty training talks at the playground and ballfields...how about you? Please leave a comment here at Mommy's Joy and tell us about it.

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