Precious Moments

Ever been told by well-meaning acquaintances to "Enjoy them while you can, because they grow up so fast?" I have been told that plenty of times, and it is hard to know what to say. I assume that whoever says this has children older than mine and wish they would have done things differently. I really never know what to say when someone says this to me. Usually they don't have time to listen anyway.

But if I ever had someone's attention, this is what I would say to them. "I enjoy my children as much as I can. I don't know how to enjoy them more than I already do. I write down the cute things they say, I take their photographs, I videotape them regularly, I play games with them, I read to them, I listen to them, I spend time with them. In the middle of spending time with them, I will often just pause to relish the moment. But aside from making time stand still, I cannot do anything more to enjoy them more."

What do these people really mean? Be a nicer, more patient parent? Do more with them? Work harder to make their dreams come true?

What do you think? What could you do right now to enjoy your own children more than you already do?  Please leave a comment here at Mommy's Joy and let us know.

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