The Non Controversy

Thank goodness things have changed since I was a young parent. Way back then it was simply taboo to breastfeed in public at all. Many new young mothers spent a lot of time at home if they wanted to breastfeed. But then again, breastfeeding was out of favor for quite a few years. Feeding from a bottle gave women freedom.

In today's world, luckily for the infants, breastfeeding is back in favor and along with it a host of convenient supplies for the new mother. There are special blouses and nursing bras and nursing pads. There are special privacy shields for the modest among us.

Breastfeeding is the healthy alternative, and I am glad to see it being accepted by our society at large. Much of the credit for that can be given to the public education programs of La Leche League.

How about you? Do you breastfeed in public?

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